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How do I invite Devi to my guild?

You can invite Devi to your guild either by using !invite in a guild with Devi in it, or by navigating to this websites home screen and press Add to Discord!
How do I change the prefix?

You can change the prefix with !prefix <new-prefix> or by typing @Devi prefix <new-prefix>.
Where can I get help if something is broken?

There's multiple ways to get help from us. You can either create a ticket on this website, submit feedback to us with the !feedback command or join our support discord where our support team can help you.
Can I apply for different positions for Devi?

Yes! We are always looking to expand our team, we have two different positions open at the moment and you can check them out here:



Name Description Aliases Permission
help Display a list of all commands. None None
weather Lookup weather information for a city. None None
ping Pong! None None
stats Get information and statistics about Devi. None None
guildstats Get information and statistics about the guild the bot is in. guild, guildinfo None
userinfo Get information and statistics about an user in the guild. user, userstats None
feedback Send a feedback message to our developers. None None
support Looking for help? This command will give you the invite link to our support server. None None
changelog Read our latest changelog! changes, updates, changelogs None
invite Get an invite link from Devi. None None
hypixel Lookup someone's Hypixel profile. None None
hive Lookup someone's Hive profile. hivestats, hievplayer None
fortnite Check someone's Fortnite stats. fortnitestats, ftn None
steam Check someone's Steam profile. None None
osu Lookup a users osu! stats. None None
numberfact Get a random fact about a number. number None
chucknorris Get a random Chuck Norris joke. chuck, norris None
flipcoin Flip a coin. coinflip None
randomcolor Get a random color with HEX and RGB code. rcolor None
catfact Get a random cat fact! None None
cat Get a random cat picture! None None
dog Get a random doggo picture! doggo None
dogfact Get a random dog fact! None None
google Let me google that for you! lmgtfy None
christmas Ever wondered how many days there are until Christmas? None None
streamlist Display a list of all twitch streamers you're getting notifications for. liststreamer, listtwitch Manage Server
urban Search up words from the Urban Dictionary. urbandictionary, ub None

Name Description Aliases Permission
settings Edit your guild settings. setting Manage Server
prefix Change Devi's prefix. None Manage Server
language Change Devi's server language. None Manage Server
modlog Edit your mod-log settings. None Manage Server
automod Edit your auto-mod settings. None Manage Server
addcommand Create a custom guild command. addcmd, createcmd, createcommand Manage Server
commandlist Display custom guild commands. cmdlist, listcmd, listcommands, listcommand Manage Server
removecommand Delete a custom guild command. rmcom, rmcommand Manage Server
editcommand Edit a custom guild command. editcom, commandedit Manage Server
twitch Edit your twitch settings. None Manage Server

Name Description Aliases Permission
ban Ban an user from your guild. None Ban Members
unban Unban an user from your guild. pardon Ban Members
kick Kick a user from your guild. None Kick Members
mute Mute a user in your guild. None Mute Members
unmute Unmute an user in your guild. None Mute Members
purge Purge recent messages. prune Manage Server
voicekick Kick a user from the voice channel they are connected to. vkick Kick Members

Name Description Aliases Permission
join Summon Devi to a voice channel. summon None
leave Kick Devi from a voice channel. None None
play Add a song or playlist to the music player queue. addqueue, p None
queue Display current music queue. None None
remove Remove a song from the queue. None None
pause Pause the music player. stop None
unpause Resume the music player. resume None
skip Skip currently playing song. None None
shuffle Shuffle the music player queue. None None
loop Loop the currently playing song. None Manage Channels
current Display currently playing song. playing, nowplaying, np None